Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cheesecake Pops!


Well, she did it again..Bakerella of course. Cheesecake Pops!? I mean come on now. What's next? I acutally saw them before on a bunch of Blogs but never tried them. When I saw Bakerella's I knew I had to do it!!!

These little pops are so darn cute and even more yummy, and they are super easy! You can use a Bakery bought cheesecake or make your own. I used one from a local Bakery and I had to resist not to eat the whole thing before I got home with it. I followed Bakerella's lead with the sprinkles and chocolate shavings. I also bought a Ready made Graham Cracker Pie Crust from the Bakery Isle of the supermarket, I thought it would be easier to use this rather then buying a whole box of graham crackers that I probably would end up throwing out because I wouldn't use it all. The ready made Pie Crust was the perfect amount.

Here's how I made them...

After getting home with my cheesecake (crustless btw). I stuck it in a big bowl and mashed it all up. Then shaped them into balls. FYI these balls are a little harder to make then regular cake balls because the cheesecake is so gooey.

cakeballs step 1

Then I stuck those puppies in the freezer for about 45 mintues or so. While they were freezing I crumbled the Graham Pie Crust into the Pie pan it comes in.

graham crust

Next, I rolled the frozen-ish Cheesecake Balls in the Crust. Now it was a little easier to shape the balls in balls not lumps. HEHE.


Popped them back in the frezzer for another 10 mintues. Then I got my chocolate and decorations ready, set up my styrofoam, and got started. I took my lollipop stick and stuck it in the chocolate first then stuck it in the Pop.

NOTE: These pops are MUCH heavier then Cake Pops. You need to make sure you only dip the pop once and get it completely covered in chocolate. Because they will start to slip down the stick if you play in the chocolate too long. I know from experiance.
=( Most of the time I spooned the chocolate over the pop to get it covered. But quickly! This will defiently take practice to get them perfect!

They still came out pretty:




Do you want to see the inside??

Should I post another Warning??

Oh lets just get to it....


♥ ♥ ♥ cupcake

Thanks Bakerella