Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grandma's Angel Food Cake

grandmas angel food cake

Ever since I was little I can remember my grandma making Angel Food Cake on Easter. But not any Angel Food cake, it was always colorful! So when I got a little older she would have me help her make it, we always had so much fun mixing the colors! And now, even though she's gone I still make it. I love making this cake because even though it is a cake, its fat free! The taste is so light and has a wonderful fluffy texture.

First thing you want to do is follow the directions on your box of Angel Food Cake. Once you have the batter mixed , set up enough bowls for the amount of colors you want for your cake.

I usually do 5 colors, but you can have as many or as little as you want.


Next, you want to add the desired amount of food dye into each bowl and stir.

I picked,









& Purple


Don't you just love the colors??

Now you can add the batter to your ungreased bundt pan. I guess you could use another type of pan if you wanted to, but I use a bundt. Don't pour all of the color in at one time or you wont get the same effect. Use a spoon to add a little at a time, alternating the colors.


Just bake it as directed on the box. Your cake is done when the cracks in the cake look dry. Let it cool upsidedown on a cooling rack. CAREFULLY run a flat knife along the edges of the pan to help loosen the cake. My grandma used to hit the bottom of the pan with the handle of the knife, I don't know if it acutally works but I do it too!! =).



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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Cake Pops!

So I tried my hand at Bakerella's Easter Cake Pops! They were all so cute! Take a look!



The Chicks & Bunnies were the easiest. The Easter Eggs were very time consuming. I had some trouble at first when dipping. Your supposed to be able to dip and remove and it to look perfect. But i'm NO Bakerella and could not pull that off. So I had to pull some tricks out of my sleeve to pull them off but they all came out cute! Then I had this great idea for a center piece for Easter. I took a Easter Basket, put a Styrofoam block inside covered it with Easter Grass and stuck the pops in! DONT YOU JUST LOVE IT!??!?!!?

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Peep-achu's Part 2!!

Well I have SO MUCH to post!
Lets take it one at a time....

Here's one of the Peepachu's I gave my brother for his 17th birthday (as a joke). He refused to be in the picture. peepachu

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So when my brother and I were young we used to love Pokemon. I still make fun of him about it, he gets so mad. So when I saw these guys I knew I had to make them for him. Tomorrow is his 17Th Birthday and I thought how perfect it would be to brake these out at his birthday dinner for the ultimate embarrassment! They came out looking just like hers and i'm sure he will like them, even though he wont admit it. He can say all day long that he dosen't like Pokemon anymore but I swear i'm caught him playing it on his Nintendo DS. I will post some photos of how it goes tomorrow at dinner!
Thanks again Bakerella!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I cannot wait for Easter. I love it. I have already bought my Hyacinths, its so fun to watch them open up a little bit everyday, when they are fully bloomed they will smell amazing. To me that smell is Easter, I always remember my grandmother having Hyacinths around Easter. What im really excited for is making Bakerella's Easter Cupcake Pop's! I really can't wait!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I need to get over this.

So it's been a few days now and i'm still upset.

Here's what happened: Basically on Sunday I was going through my cabinet and found a box of banana bread mix. I decided to get creative and mixed in chocolate chips and an extra banana. SMELLED SO GOOD. So I put it in the oven and baked it for the amount of time it said, acutally I baked it a little longer. The top was a ncie golden brown so I put my baking stick tester thingy-a-bobber and it came out clean! Stuck it in a few different places. So I let it cool and drizzled chocolate over the top. IT LOOKED BEAUTIFUL! WELL THEN DISASTER STRUCK!

I went to take it out of the pan so I could put it on a cute dish and take pictures and aparently the baking stick tester thing decided to play an early April Fool's joke on me. BECAUSE THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING was still batter. It feel all over the floor and everything! UGHH! Can I tell you how mad I was?!?!!?!??!